Thursday, 31 January 2013

Formatting In Display Tag

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You can use any valid java.text.MessageFormat pattern in the format attribute. Sorting will be based on the original object, not on the formatted String.

Note that errors due to an invalid pattern/object combination (for example trying to format a String like a number) will not be rethrown. Instead, an error log will be written and the original unformatted object displayed.

You can also use a format pattern along with column decorators (the pattern will be applied after the decoration).

  <display:table name="test">
    <display:column property="id" title="ID" />
    <display:column property="email" format="email is {0}" />
    <display:column property="date" format="{0,date,dd-MM-yyyy}" sortable="true"/>
    <display:column property="money" format="{0,number,0,000.00} $" sortable="true"/>


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